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How Do I Compare Price vs. Value?

 While the BMW Tire Center tries to keep tire costs as low as possible, price is often a consideration when purchasing tires. Even with high fuel costs, it seems less agonizing to fill the tank with fuel than invest in a set of new tires.

        We think that much of the misperception has to do with the fact that we buy fuel one tank-full at a time, and don't really look at its total cost for thousands of miles. Our tires are paid for "up front" and then last for tens of thousands of miles.

Consider the following:

        If you drive your BMW another 20,000 miles and are considering the "perfect" set of performance tires at $350 each, or another set that costs $230 each, you may be surprised to find out that the cost of the "perfect" set of four tires costs just 7 cents per mile...while the "second place" set of four costs 4.6 cents per mile. Will not spending the extra $120 today make up for not having selected the "perfect" tire that you will be driving on the next couple of years?

       If you live in the snow belt and drive your BMW 50,000 miles, you should considering 2 sets of tires (a set for summer and winter) a BMW Winter package is around $2800 for 4 BMW Rims and Snow tires, with free installation and *STORAGE,  you may be surprised to find out that the cost of both "premium" sets costs just 6 cents per mile total...while using the same tires all year, you will need to replace at least one set before your lease is up. Will not spending the extra money today make up for not having selected the premium summer and winter tires that will make it safer to navigate snow and ice for the upcoming years?

Estimated Total Fuel Costs:
10,000 miles @ 15 mpg = 666 gal @ $3.37/gal = $2,244.00
10,000 miles @ 20 mpg = 500 gal @ $3.37/gal = $1,685.00
10,000 miles @ 25 mpg = 400 gal @ $3.37/gal = $1,348.00
10,000 miles @ 30 mpg = 333 gal @ $3.37/gal = $1,122.00



  * Free Storage and Installation is only available at participating dealers